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Eskom: Forecast indicates high risk of load-shedding for months

South Africans can expect intermittent load-shedding for the next three months as power utility Eskom battles with electricity generating capacity.

Dire load-shedding forecast


“When Eskom says we are having load-shedding it doesn’t mean we will have continues load-shedding for 3 months but their is a high risk that we gonna have intermit load-shedding during this period, an I think that is a given.” Yelland said.

Energy analyst Chris Yelland spoke with eNCA’s Duduzile Ramela.

Courtesy of #DStv403

“They don’t have any so-called reserve generation capacity and any further loss of supply generation units will result in load-shedding.”

“As we’ve seen, we’ve had Stage 2 load-shedding for several days now, planned to the end of Sunday but the forecast of Eskom has indicated, a high-risk probability of load-shedding, every week for the next three months,” energy analyst Chris Yelland said.

*Watch the full interview with energy expert Chris Yelland above.



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