About Us


Enervision is an Independent Alternative Energy Solution supplier which was established in 2004 as a supplier of VRLA Deep Cycle batteries to the standby power and solar markets in Africa. While our core business, the supply of stationary batteries to suppliers of critical emergency power applications, has grown exponentially in recent years.

Enervision’s research and development has been fine-tuned by focusing on innovative and cost-effective solutions to the ever-changing needs and demands of the people of South Africa and beyond.
All our products adhere to the required legislation or regulation in terms of testing and certification, and only accredited certification agencies are used.

The company brings with it extensive years of combined battery and solar experience & technical knowledge in these specific industry sectors makes us, without doubt, one of the leaders in our industry segment.

Enervision has established an office in Shenzhen, China to constantly monitor and manage all aspects of the supply chain.

Our vision is to remain highly focused in our core competences by offering high quality products, a solid backup service and technical expertise at extremely competitive prices.


Enervision has invested heavily in the research of alternative energy solutions over a two year period.  Its research has been extensive, considering numerous alternatives before selecting products that it is believed will best suit the needs of its customers and potential customers in South Africa and Africa.

Enervision remains committed to researching the evolving alternative energy market and ensuring that it will continue to offer its customers access to state of the art alternative energy technology.

Product Range

Recognising the economic imperative to find solutions to electricity shortages and enhanced use of clean energy will not be found in a single technology, Enervision’s research has been extensive and the products currently available include solar solutions together with ancillary battery backup systems.

All products supplied by Enervision carry the Enervision guarantee.

Enervision intends to expand the range of its products as needs are identified in the market and to monitor the evolution of revolutionary alternative energy solutions which, in many cases, are technically proven but still remain commercially expensive.

Enervision People

Enervision’s success is due to the selection of qualified staff who are enthusiastic and committed to the success of its business.

Enervision prides itself in having the capacity to customise the alternative energy solutions required by its customers to their individual needs.  Enervision is confident that in doing so, the reputation that it currently enjoys in the stationary battery market will be extended to the alternative energy market.

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