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Loadshedding is BACK, and here to STAY

Across Mzansi, the unwelcome power cuts have resumed since Thursday, as reported by The South African over the weekend.

Regrettably, load-shedding is here to stay and will be part of our lives for the unforeseeable future.

As Energy expert Ted Blom points out, power engineers have been unable to restore failing coal power plants to full capacity.

It appears that Eskom has not been maintaining the coal power plants properly, because most of the breakdowns are occurring there, he said. “I believe that half of the fleet has broken,” he said according to East Coast Radio.

In his opinion, Eskom has no intention of spending money in order to restore coal power plants, which will result in additional load shedding.

Risk of being dependent

There is little capital in Eskom to support the market as a failed state entity. One of the biggest issues facing the South African people is the possibility of the power grid collapsing. The danger in a monopolised market comes down to the dependence consumers are facing.

Making a change –

It is time for the public to understand in order to create a sustainable and reliable future they need to have a sensible contingency plan. Consumers have a vast range of renewable investment opportunities that will assist them on their journey to go “off-the-grid”.

Renewable Energy Solutions

We have the following solutions available for household and business consumers.

  • Home and Business – Off & on-grid, All-in-one energy storage equipment
  • We highly recommend the GE5050 or GE0610


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