Hybrid (Bi-direction) Solar Inverter EA3KHD

Hybrid (Bi-direction) Solar Inverter EA3KHD

Hybrid (Bi-direction) Solar Inverter EA3KHD



Hybrid (Bi-direction) Solar Inverter is PV energy combined with energy storage systems. It utilizes solar power, AC utility and battery power to ensure continuous power supply, and users can store the unused energy produced during the day by PV system in the battery and use it whenever they need, even at night, it helps increase self-consumption and achieve greater energy self-sufficiency.

Operating Flexibility

● Operating modes can be programmed flexibly

● On-grid operating, easy feed-in to the grid, backflow prevention, energy self-generation, and self-consumption.

● Off-grid operating, no worry about grid power failure

● Solar power, battery power, and AC utility power source to provide loads with continuous power

● Even with grid or PV input only, inverter can still start working without a battery

● Priority of PV, battery, or grid power source can be programmed flexibly

● High efficiency of the battery management system, EOD, floating voltage, and charge current are settable. High efficiency and safety

● Soft-switching technology, improving inverter efficiency

● DSP complete digital control technology

● Small size, lightweight, easy installation

● Superior protection and Intelligent monitoring

● LCD, LED display real-time operating information

● Monitoring software display real-time operating information

● Monitoring software make operating modes programmed and control

● Various communications selectable via USB, RS232, RS485, SNMP

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